Drip Pipe

  • Double Line Drip Tape for Irrigation in Agriculture

    Double Line Drip Tape for Irrigation in Agriculture

    This is New T-Tape for use  in commercial and non commercial applications (nursery, garden, or orchard use) where high uniformity of water application and conservation is desired. Drip tape contains an internal emitter set at specified spacing (see below) which regulate the amount of water (flow rate) emitted from each outlet. Using drip irrigation over other methods has show benefits like increased yields, less run off, less weed pressure by application of water directly to the root zone, chemigation (injection of fertilizers and other chemicals through the drip tape is highly uniform (minimize leaching) and saves on operation costs), lessens disease pressure associated with overhead systems, low operating pressure (energy efficient compared to high pressure systems), and more. We have several spacing and flow rates available (see below).

  • Hot Selling PE Drip Pipe for Agriculture Irrigation

    Hot Selling PE Drip Pipe for Agriculture Irrigation

    The built-in cylindrical drip irrigation pipe is a plastic product that uses a plastic pipe to send water (liquid fertilizer, etc.) to the roots of crops for local irrigation through a cylindrical pressure compensation dripper on the irrigation capillary. It is made of new advanced materials, unique design, anti-clogging ability, water uniformity, durability performance and other key technical indicators have advantages, the product is cost-effective, long life, bringing great benefits to users, the dripper is large-area filtration and wide flow channel structure, and the water flow control is accurate, making the drip irrigation pipe suitable for various water sources. All drip irrigation drippers have anti-siphon and root barrier structures, making it widely suitable for all kinds of buried drip irrigation.